From standard to mirror polished finishes and protective coatings to flange-strengthening, get the finish that's right for you




ALUminum polish options

Alcoa has several finish options. Look for the last digit in the part number:

  • 0 - Brushed finish on both sides as applicable*

  • 1 - Polished outside only

  • 2 - Polished inside only

  • 3 - Polished both sides

  • 7 - LVL One / Clean Buff both sides as applicable*

  • 8 - LVL One / Clean Buff on both sides

  • 9 - Brushed finish on both sides

*0 and 7 are determined by inset or outset mounting

Accuride aluminum has two standard polishes:

  • SP - Standard polish

  • XP - Enhanced polish

    • AIP (Inside polish) and AOP (Outside polish) are no longer being made

protective coatings

Ease maintenance, eliminate refinishing, and keep your wheels looking like new with a protective coating from both Alcoa and Accuride:


flange-wear protection

Ensure the durability of your aluminum wheel with flange-wear protection ideal for severe service, shifting loads, or gritty operating environments: